Student showcase: Beth Parkin

I’ve been wanting to do a student showcase on here for a while as i think its important for us to promote the work of up and coming talent and the designers of tomorrow. In this post 3rd year Contour Fashion student Beth Parkin talks about her amazing graduate collection and her plans for the future.

^ Beth with a model wearing one of her creations

What made you want to study Contour Fashion?

I’ve always had an interest in designing, but Contour appealed to me primarily due to the opportunities it presented to study corsetry. Also, I felt that being a Contour Fashion graduate would really set me apart from other Fashion students due to the unique skills they teach at De Montfort.


Where did the inspiration for your Graduate collection come from?

My graduate collection is an elaboration on the jellyfish theme from my project for MODA, but this time I decided to concentrate on the Octopus and other Cephalopods. My main focus was on the suckers which were the inspiration for the ruffled detail in the garments.



^ Some images of Beth’s graduate collection

What was your favourite project at University?

Apart from my graduate collection, I really enjoyed the project we did for the Triumph Inspiration Award. It was the first opportunity we really had to do what we wanted. We were given the theme of butterflies&dragons to start with, but the rest was up to us! I ended up making a latex cupped body with an attached hood and spikes all along the spine.

Triumph  Grace Elkin SMALL

^ Dragon inspired latex piece for the Triumph Inspiration award photographed by Grace Elkin

COF cover Darkwave Art small

^ Beths’ Triumph piece was worn by a model on the front cover of Cradle Of Filth’s album ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’.  Artwork by Darkwave Art.

What would be your dream job be?

My dream job would be to work for a latex clothing designer/manufacturer, something that *fingers crossed* I’m not too far off getting! I would like to start my own design company in the future but I feel I need the experience of working with an established company first.

Follow Beth on twitter to follow her journey as a graduate Twitter: @ParkinBeth

If you are a student/ recent graduate and would like to have your work showcased on the blog like Beth email me at

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